Meditation Practices Over 12 Weeks

Chinmayi has been teaching traditional yoga and meditation techniques for over 10 years. For some time, her students have been asking for recordings so that they can practice at home, away or even in the workplace.
These lessons were intially recorded for a CD set but now are available ONLINE, as a comprehensive program and journey into the world of mindfulness and mindlessness meditation.
Whether you're a beginner to meditation or a regular practitioner, you will find these lessons a valuable resource in your practice and understanding of the science and origins of traditional meditation and mindfulness.
They are non-denominational,  adaptable, flexible and totally unconditional.

What MeditationMAGIC! 

On day one and each week for 12 weeks, you'll receive an email with links to each of the lessons. They are split into individual recordings so that once you have listened to the relevant introduction once or twice you'll be able to go straight to the practice recording. There are bonus lessons woven into the programme also, to help you get even more from the course and your meditation practices, during and beyond the 12-week program.

“This course has opened my mind (literally) to some lesser-known meditation practices. It has been so easy to follow and convenient. Most importantly it's really helped me to cope with stress. I feel a great sense of calm, I'm able to relax better and my sleep has improved drastically”

A. Sonner - Customer

Yes! Even if you're a Complete Beginner...

Whether you have been practising meditation and for years or completely new to meditation or mindfulness, you will learn from this course.
Benefits to any meditation do not happen without regular practice. 
In this course, you will give have twelve guided practices, all with a comprehensive introduction and explanation.

Why do we Practice Meditation and Mindfulness?

The answer my friend, is this...
We want to be happy! Pretty simple really.
Sooner or later in life we realise that things, people, even experiences don't make us happy. 
Even when we do have them, we usually then worry about losing them. 
Since fear and love can't live in the same place we feel that there must be more, more we can have, do or say, to be happy.

You see my friend, happiness is an inside job.
It starts with the self - body, mind and spirit.
Meditation is one way to the self. 
This course will show you how and why AND give you guided practices to help you along. And you can begin NOW!

A Word From Chinmayi

“It isn't always easy to get to a class. Sometimes the stress of finding the time and getting there in the first place, hinders the practice.
This course is easy to follow and can be downloaded onto your mobile device so you can listen and practice anytime.
And therefore you'll never need to miss a class.
I'm here if you have any questions too!
May you be HAPPY!" - Chinmayi :-)