Want to super-charge your energy, enthusiasm AND 

A Message from Chinmayi...

My Partnership coaching program is open again!.

You and several other students, readers and followers, have fed back how the teachings I'm blessed with and our sessions together have really helped you with your health goals for body, mind and soul. This feedback has also revealed where else support is needed.

And it extends far beyond anything I could teach you in a yoga class or other group teaching.

You may already have experience of my classes, workshops or retreats or perhaps you've read my best-selling book BodyMAGIC! 

I've listened to you and identified many of your other needs including:

- follow-up after retreats and other events
- regular accountability check-ins to help you to your goals
- help with manifesting dreams and creating abundance
- frequent motivation for you to stay on-track with intentions
- someone to call on in difficult times
- maintaining a yoga, meditation or other healing practice that works for you
- developing a lifestyle that you love and that is easy AND fun
- strengthening, deepening and healing relationships - past, present and potential
- shamanic healing for many challenges e.g. physical, emotional, trauma etc.

No matter what your intentions are for yourself, your relationships or your contributions to the world, these things can take time, effort and often a lot of trial-and-error before you feel like you're getting somewhere.

I avoided a coach for several years thinking I knew it all and if I didn't, I'd find it out for myself. 

Until I got a coach, I used the phrases like:

" headless chicken",
" banging my head against a brick wall" 
" I don't know what to do first"
" I feel totally overwhelmed"

Before I got a coach..


I had an aversion to money
I had no idea how to cope with criticism
I was constantly overplanning and going into overwhelm
I would freak out at technology issues
I found myself always one step behind trends for my biz
I was beginning to think I was too sensitive to be a success


I found that I was not great at making time for myself without guilt
I was easily distracted and procrastinated at every opportunity
I self-sabotaged my dreams and the things I knew would help me grow
I thought I knew what I wanted but actually I didn't know why
I didn't know how to express myself without fear of hurting someone
I didn't know how to spend leisure time without thinking about my biz

You see personal growth always involves change on some level - a new way of thinking, prioritising, action-taking and assessing. And for that to happen easily, you need a hand.

I've listened to your struggles with maintaining a healthy, healing and happy lifestyle and I've lovingly prepared a programme tailored to you, your life and your aspirations for optimum health, healing and happiness.

To create good balance with my other projects, I have to limit to a maximum of 10 beautiful souls who are fully commited to the best they can have in health and happiness.

For real growth that happens quickly, you have to invest in yourself. Not just financially. You need to allocate time and energy.

And it has to be FUN!  If it isn't fun my friend, then it won't lead you to happiness. At the end of the day, this is all we truly want - to be HAPPY!

We think that a new job, home or car will make us happy. It may do for a short while. There's nothing wrong with wanting those things. In fact, I positively encourage you!

But unless we have fun every day achieving all of those things, we see life as a struggle. We get what we want and then when the happiness doesn't last, we crave something else or we have a new fear of losing it.

Happiness is yours, NOW, in this moment.

I'm going to help you to change the way you look at your life. Not just because I want you to be happy all the time but because I want you to see life as a fun adventure. In doing so you align yourself with MAGIC!

Then everything you ever wanted and more, comes your way. 

This is an excellent opportunity to invest in your health for body, mind and soul at this price level. You stand to make great returns on your investment!

What's It All About?

I have always believed in a balanced approach to health, healing and happiness


Getting Physical 

Using various techniques including yoga, relaxation, a nature-based lifestyle and nutrition to love and connect with your body like never before, we'll have you finding your own personal BodyMAGIC! 

As well as video lessons, together, we'll design practices to suit your individual needs, tastes and lifestyle. 

This may include your own personal health routine, food planning, physical self-care or healing from injury or illness

We'll consider natural ways for physical healing and maintaining awesome health. I have so many options for all sorts of illnesses, emotions and your aspirations.
From crystals, to essential oils. From flower remedies to healing foods. From working with the seasons to the lunar cycles, even days of the week.

 Nature has a lot to offer.

We'll also be developing your intuition around food, exercise and your daily routine. The body talks (very loudly!), and you'll feel this connection on a whole new deep and awesome level.

You'll find new motivation for doing what you (- your mind, body and soul) really need and want to do.


Perfectly Peaceful

 You'll feel calmer, more focused, more balanced and a deeper sense of peace, no matter what else is happening in your life. You'll recognise and release old patterns, creating space for new ones.

If and when you're ready, we'll let go of the emotional blocks holding you back from your very best life of genuine happiness.

I'll share any of the many proven-effective practices that I feel will help you to breakthrough your limiting thoughts and tendencies and load a new program.

Whether traditional meditation or mindfulness, visualisation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and any of the other highly-effective methods I know that really work, they will be specifically tailored to your LIFE and desires for a greater one.

We'll set up two important lifeMAGIC! principles: 

Know Thy Self
Know Thy Worth

which form the foundation of personal development and growth.


Simply Spiritual

If appropriate, I'll offer traditional and shamanic healing methods, including personal practices for every day. Together with yoga philosophy, you'll feel a greater sense of purpose and connection.

This starts with the heart and finding its true desire. It may surprise you to learn what you still hold in your heart that no longer serves you. It may be a samskara or trait you still hold from your earlier life or even a previous life.

We can release them through beautiful practices of acceptance, forgiveness, peace and love. It takes courage, but this heart-centred approach can change a dull, unfulfilled life into a life of brilliant light and contentment.

You'll have deep insights into the meaning of your life and wisdom beyond words or facts. You'll see the universal picture and make decisions and act from your soul.
You'll recharge your greater Self :
your self-worth,
your self-drive and
your self-confidence

That's the MAGIC!

What's in the Program?

The basis of your program is a 1-hour coaching call with Chinmayi per each month.
ALL facets of the program and bonuses will be delivered or accessed using the wonderful world of the internet. Don't worry, you will only have to click a link from your phone or computer. And wherever possible, a recording will be made so that you can access the material afterwards. 

A 1-hour, private MAGIC! Coaching Call at the start of the coaching period, then monthly with Chinmayi - worth £100

Totally tailored to your intentions and booked in advance. 

Coaching Call  follow-up delivered to you by email with 48hrs

This is quite unique, but essential to your success. You will get a copy of notes from your coaching calls and agreed actions

Coaching Call Recording
Wherever possible you will receive a recording of your call to revisit after your appointment

Need More Coaching? some folks just want more!

You can arrange extra calls during the month for a discounted rate of £77

BONUS -MeditationMAGIC! - worth £97

A 12-week meditation course which will be drip-fed into your inbox and teach you different meditation techniques

BONUS - Private Facebook Group 

To share.
This is for life, not just for your program's period!

BONUS - The Chakra Course

Seven 1-hour Yoga Classes and Seven 10-minute meditations to explore these vital energy stores

Weekly Check-ins

Via email - need to be more accountable? I'm here to encourage, support and remind you WHY!

BONUS - Access to any Group Calls - worth £50

Done via webinar and dates scheduled in advance

BONUS - Minimum twice-monthly introspection e-mails specific to your progress

Things to ponder over, journal for yourself and discuss at your next call

BONUS - Email Emergency Access

You're not alone! Send Chinmayi an email and she'll get back to you within 48 hours (probably quicker!)

What Others Are Saying

Here is some of the feedback from students, clients and readers of Chinmayi's work

"It's impossible for me to find words most appropriate and fitting to thank you for the completely transformational and healing week that I spent with you" - AC

"This isn't just a book or programme of practical strategies, it has been written from her deepest heart and soul, and she’s there, with you on every single page" - LH

"You have opened me up to a whole new way of living my life and I am really grateful for everything you have taught me. You are a wonderful teacher and you offer your students so much more than the knowledge of asana" - MW

"Thank you for your patience and passion. I have grown and learnt more than I can possibly imagine and you are to thank for that" - MR

"You transform bad days into good and I am very grateful to be part of your group" - LB

"Chinmayi encourages me to listen to my body to know it's limits but also helps me to go a bit further with my practice" - CF

"Had a fantastic time and I'm learning so much from a truly beautiful soul" - LM

Frequently Asked Questions

It's natural to question whether this is for you so here's some of the ones I've had so far.
Don’t hestitate to reach out with further queries.

  • Do I need to be good at yoga poses?
    Absolutely not! You'll be guided carefully throughout all aspects of this programme. Most of you know me as a yoga teacher but yoga asana is a small part of my work and teaching. You don't need to be flexible or have experience in yoga to benefit massively from this program. There are yoga sessions included, suitable for all levels, including beginners. But as you will discover, there's so much more to yoga than making beautiful shapes on a yoga mat!
  • How much time do I need to invest?
    The major and lasting impact of this course will be developing a habit to look after your own needs.  I suggest that you initially put by one hour per day. Perhaps half an hour in the morning to get your motivation motor running and and again at the end of the day to reflect and relax. I'll also give you practices for your healing which I recommend you practice 2-3 times a week. You'll have some advice about this in your private calls. But this is YOUR time and you deserve it!
  • How do I sign up for this programme?
    Just simply click the JOIN ME TODAY! button and follow through to the payment page. I'll be in touch with you personally and ask you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire. All of the classes, notifications etc will begin on your first payment date. But you can speak to me anytime via email. I always love to hear from you!
  • What if I can't make the private MAGIC! calls?
    Your private sessions are bookable in advance via a link which will be provided. If you can't make it, please reschedule within 24 hours. These are too important to miss! Imagine you had a doctor's appointment for a health issue. You wouldn't miss it would you! This is preventative medicine for a super-charged, healthy life in mind, body and soul.
  • How Much Does It Cost?
    For one month of LifeMAGIC! coaching, there is an up-front payment of just £147. Three months is £397, six months - £697 or why not commit to a whole year investing in your best life at just £997? This would be excellent value for the monthly coaching call alone. But as you can see, you're receiving so much more.  Think of this as a personal trainer for your LIFE. How else could you spend UNDER £100 per month for A WHOLE YEAR and get this much one-to-one guidance, value and support? You could, of course maybe spend it on two trims with your hairdresser, a daily coffee in Starbucks or even a new outfit. But the benefit of this investment will outlive any of those, I promise you! You deserve your best life, starting today. If you would like to spread the annual cost over three installments, please ask. Money should not restrict you from investing in being the best version of yourself.
  • Is There A Guarantee?
    Any coaching session should include a timely and valued energy exchange. You'll be receiving coaching calls from the outset which are devoted and tailored to your needs. This investment is for my time, both for the preparation, for the duration of the calls anf for the follow. So no refund can be given once the program has started. Your commitment is essential to the effectiveness of the programme. What I will guarantee is that if you invest in your health with the exercises and reading, you'll see a positive return in your health and sense of well-being.  If you're not sure right now, please call me on 07709 446624, have a short chat over what would make your life magical and let's see how I can help you. No pressure.
  • Chinmayi Dore