The 12 Days of the Sun

Connect with nature, honour the sun, reignite and develop/maintain your yoga practice in 2018, feeling balance in body, mind and spirit.

Just £37 for 12 days of mini-classes!
That's only £3 per class and you get to keep them to practice again and again!
Gift yourself some ancient healing today!

This time-honoured practice will have your :

- body feeling strong, supple and detoxed!
- mind topped up with joy and enthusiasm!
- soul singing in gratitude and inner peace!

Find out why the Sun Salutation is still considered to be one of the most comprensive exercises known to man.

The 12 Days of the Sun includes:

  • A 10-12 minute daily video
  • One pose added per day with a small sequence to move the spine, lengthen the breath and calm the mind
  • Physical and emotional and metaphysical benefits explained
  • The devotional aspects of the sun salutation introduced in gratitude for the sun's unique qualities
  • A new class in your inbox every day for 12 days
  • A couple of surprise bonuses for you to help your practice develop further ;-)

"You are a wonderful teacher and you offer your students so much more than the knowledge of asana. Thank you so very much for a wonderful experience.."

MB - Student

"You have opened me up to a whole new way of living my life and I am really grateful for everything you have taught me. ..."

KS - Student teacher

The 12 Days of the Sun starts here...

For your Health, Healing and Happiness in 2018 and beyond...